Bonus Stone Wool

Bonus Stone Wool

Stone wool is a fire-resistant, water-repellent heat and sound insulation material containing 97% natural fibers and produced by melting minerals and inorganic stones derived from volcanic rocks such as basalt, diabase and dolomite between 1400-1500 °C to form fibers.

Stone wool, which has a saturated structure and is obtained at the end of special procedures applied to all layers of its fibrous structure, prevents humidity from being absorbed in the building thanks to its steam permeability, while acting as a good water repellent. Buildings insulated with stone wool become healthier and more comfortable. Thanks to its dimensional stability, stone wool is not affected by temperature changes. Its long fiber structure allows obtaining a product with smooth edges and surfaces during cutting and lamination.

Bonus Stone Wool  production facility is distinguished from its competitors by its advanced technology:

  • The high amount of hot, unburned air that is released during the melting of the raw material is used again in the production process through feedback, which reduces the quantity of energy required.
  • The impurities accumulated in the melting oven are separated by a special technology. This advanced technology preferred during the process minimizes the chutes (non-fiber stones), while also allowing the maximization of product quality.

Bonus Stone Wool , is produced in the form of mattress, plate, pipe and cast with various coating materials, in different sizes and technical properties depending on its area and purpose of use. The intensity of the stone wool produced in the process, as well as the direction of fibers and the preferred binder resin type give Bonus Stone Wool its superior mechanical qualities.