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R&D and Innovation

Continuous improvement, sustainable development.

We move forward focusing on constant development by interpreting all production methods and activities with the latest technologies of the world in line with the requirements of the age. We constantly monitor our products, interpret them with new methods and seek new and innovative solutions.

Our innovation strategy

As Eryap Group, we value creative and unique ideas as of the first day that we commenced operations. We see innovation as a corporate culture whose benefits can be measured and sustained, and constantly work to improve this systematically.

We reflect innovation to all our work processes regardless of job descriptions, and approach it as a part of our daily lives. We apply our innovative approaches to our life, environment and every phase of our production processes extending from idea to product.

With the belief that innovation and sustainability concepts are an inseparable whole, we carry out all our creative processes in a way that will minimize our environmental impact. By including our business partners to the process, we work to offer products and services creating the highest possible value and enabling sustainable development.

For us, innovation means creating value for all our stakeholders. We know that innovation means adding value to all our organizations and all our stakeholders, and continuing this in a sustainable manner.