Bonus Insulation

Production Technology and Facilities

XPS & Bitumen Membrane Production Facility - Istanbul

At the modern facilities established on a total area of 50,000sqm in Silivri/Istanbul, Bonus XPS and Bonus Membrane, the leaders in the sector, are produced. The facility that produces Bonus XPS, a strong brand that has the highest market share in Turkey with a production capacity of 550,000m3/year also produces Bonus Membrane with a capacity of 12,000,000sqm/year.

Stone Wool Production Facility - Sakarya

At Hendek/Sakarya facility that is the most modern of its industry with a total land of 50,000sqm, Bonus Stone Wool is produced.

The stone wool facility that worked with an annual capacity of 40,000tons from 2012 and 2016, currently continues production with the highest capacity of the region, 100,000tons/year, that it achieved with the capacity increase made by adopting the state-of-the-art technologies in 2017.