Bonus Insulation



The first encounter of Kahraman Eruslu, founder of Eryap Group, with production

Kahraman Eruslu, the founder of our company, who is a member of a well-established family in Gaziantep, made investment in various production fields such as women shoes, slippers, boots, paints, DOP oil, textile, plastics, door and windows with his siblings from the second half of 1960s to the beginning of 2000s, broke grounds both in his region and the country, and founded Eryap Group with this knowledge and experience.


The production of American Siding the first polymer exterior cladding system of Turkey, begins.

American Siding, whose feasibility work began in 1999 and production in 2001 at 50,000sqm modern facilities in Gaziantep, had been a transforming the exterior wall cladding mentality and creating a trend in Turkey.


Bonus XPS thermal insulation board launches.

Eryap Group launched Bonus XPS thermal insulation boards in 2005. The production of these thermal insulation boards that are required in sheating, floor/terrace/base/roof applications besides complementing sidings are carried out at 50,000sqm facilities in Silivri/Istanbul.


The Group enters into the waterproofing product industry with Bonus Membrane

Eryap Group, which reinforced its product range with Bonus Membrane waterproofing products in 2007, made a successful entrance into the waterproofing sector. Eryap Group, which commenced production with an annual production capacity of 12,000,000sqm at its facilities in Silivri/Istanbul, offered bitumen-based Bonus Membrane brand that it produces with its advanced technological equipment to Turkey and the neighbor countries.


BONUS Thermal Insulation System meets with the customers.

Eryap Group launched BONUS Thermal Insulation System in 2009. Bonus Thermal Insulation System, which combines all the materials required for thermal insulation as a packed system, is an innovative and environment-friendly product that stands out with its ability to provide energy-efficiency as of its first day throughout its life.


Winer Polymer Door and Window Systems are offered to the market.

Eryap Group launched Winer polymer door and window systems to the market in 2010. Winer, which features super quality and high resistance to external factors and weather conditions thanks to its advanced technology, took its place in the sector with its product range and decorative solutions.


Bonus Shingle meets with the customers.

Eryap Group began to fulfill the quality expectation in the industry by adding the shingle (roof coating system) products of Italian Tegola, a global brand, to its product range.


Bonus Stone Wool production begins.

Eryap Group, which began producing stone wool enabling thermal, sound and fire insulation, took a strong step towards creating a leading brand in the sector


Eryap Group moves to its new headquarters.

Eryap Group moved to its new headquarters in Kısıklı/Istanbul.


A new production line capacity investment is made to the Bonus Stone Wool facility.

The new investment that will double the current capacity of Sakarya facilities is being commissioned. The work for the new state-of-the-art line investment made by targeting annual stone wool production of 100,000 tones with the added capacity began in June 2017.


A new storage investment made in Bonus Stone Wool Facility.

In addition to the existing storage capacity, a new storage area of ​​10,000 m2 has been invested in the facilities established in Sakarya. Along with the improvements made in the packaging system, the new storage area was put into use.