Bonus XPS


Bonus XPS Pro Roof is a thermal insulation board that used on roofs and basic curtain walls for insulation purposes. It is produced with a rough surface, channels, overlapping edges between 30mm-50mm thickness and in the size of 585mm x 2650mm.

Product Type Surface Quality Width x Height Depth Compression Strength
mm mm kPa
BONUS XPS PRO-ÇATI Rough, channeled, overlap 585 x 1265
30 - 50 150

Depth dN (mm): 30 40 50
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient λD (W/m.K) 0,036
Thermal Resistance RD (m2.K/W) 0,80 1,10 1,35
Normal Tensile Strength (kPa) 150
Bonus XPS Pro 4 Roof TDSBonus XPS Pro 3 Roof TDSBonus XPS Pro 5 Roof TDS