Bonus XPS


Bonus XPS - Pro-E

Bonus XPS Pro-E thermal insulation boards are fixed by being doweled later to the walls, columns and beams of the building. The embossing surface and its grooves improve adhesion of the plaster, and provide optimum application. Bonus XPS Pro-E thermal insulation boards are manufactured in the size of 585mmx1185mm with thicknesses ranging from 30mm to 70mm.

Product Type Surface Quality Width x Height Depth Compression Strength
mm mm kPa
BONUS XPS PRO-E Embossing, channeled, overlap 585 x 1185 30 - 70 150

Depth dN (mm): 30 40 50 60 70
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient λD (W/m.K) 0,036 0,036 0,036 0,036 0,036
Thermal Resistance RD (m2.K/W) 0,80 1,10 1,35 1,65 1,95
Normal Tensile Strength (kPa) 200
Bonus XPS PRO-E 3 cm TDSBonus XPS PRO-E 4 cm TDSBonus XPS PRO-E 5 cm TDSBonus XPS PRO-E 6 cm TDSBonus XPS PRO-E 7 cm TDS