Bonus Thermal Insulation System

Bonus Thermal Insulation System

Bonus Thermal Insulation System

Perfect Solution for Exterior Wall Insulation

The system which has been used for many years in the world and which is also the most preferred system in heat insulation processes in our country is sheathing. Sheathing is a procedure where the exterior surfaces of buildings are coated by using heat insulation plates without any gaps. In this process, heat plates are adhered and plugged onto the building surface, which is then plastered and painted.

Bonus Thermal Insulation System ; offers all the materials necessary for application, from heat insulation plates to adhesion mortar and from the sheathing plugs to corner profiles, within a package system to you.

Bonus Thermal Insulation System Product Catalog

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Long Lasting: Provides energy saving without any loss in performance throughout the life of the building.

Economical: Reduces the electricity consumed for cooling in summer, while keeping us warmer with less fuel in winter.

Healthy: Thermal comfort is achieved in buildings where thermal insulation system is applied. This prevents the transpiration and bacterial growth on the interior surfaces of buildings.

Sturdy: Resists surface tensions caused by hot/cold weather, rain, freezing and wind over time. Impedes internal stress and cracks on the walls, as well as rusting from the building’s load-bearing system, while preventing structural damage in natural disasters such as earthquake.

Selective: Allows internal/external water vapor to pass through the building to the other side, while preventing water leakage. Prevents building elements on the exterior wall of the building and containing reinforcements such as columns, beams, curtain walls, etc. from forming heat bridges.

Convenient: Easily adaptable to all kinds of surfaces and environmental conditions.

Seasonal: Provides a warm environment in winter and a cool environment in summer.

Environment friendly: Reduces environmental pollution due to less fuel consumption.

Light: The heat insulation system is light and does not put too much stress on the load-bearing system.

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