Bonus Stone Wool

BONUS Taş Yünü

BONUS Stone Wool Private

BONUS Stone Wool Private is produced as aluminum coated with a density of 70 kg/m3. This stone wool plate is used in air-conditioning and ventilating ducts. Thanks to its extremely low thermal conductivity coefficient, it prevents the temperature increase resulting from air-conditioning or load-bearing systems, and prevents these equipments to carry the possible fire inside or outside. Thanks to its vapor permeability, it also prevents metallic air-conditioners and equipments to be damaged due to condensation.

Areas of Use:

BONUS Stone Wool Private series is used in air-conditioning and ventilating ducts. It can be produced in custom sizes as thin as 2.5 cm.

Product Type Density Depth Width x Height Thermal conductivity coefficient Thickness Class Compressive Strength Normal Tensile Strength
kg x m³ mm mm x mm W/mK kPa kPa
PRIVATE 70 25 - 50 600 x 1200 0,036 T4 Not Sought Not Sought

Bonus Stone Wool - Private 70 TDS