Bonus Stone Wool

BONUS Taş Yünü

BONUS Stone Wool Platin

BONUS Stone Wool Platin is a floating floor insulation plate used between floors and under building floorings and vibrating baseplates. BONUS Stone Wool Platin provides perfect thermal insulation and the floating feature prevents the impact sound to be spread to the entire building through load-bearing beams and columns. BONUS Stone Wool Platin, a fully fireproof material of A1 class, does not create smoke or particle even when it is exposed to open fire.

Areas of Use:

Thanks to its 2 cm thin alternative, it can be used on floorings between floors, floorings on open crossings, building floorings and under vibrating baseplates.

Product Type Density Depth Width x Height Thermal conductivity coefficient * Thickness Class Compressive Strength Normal Tensile Strength
kg/m3 mm mm x mm W/mK kPa kPa
PLATIN 110 20 - 50 600 x 1200 0,036 T5 Not Sought
Not Sought
Not Sought

Bonus Stone Wool - Platin 110 TDS