Bonus Stone Wool

BONUS Taş Yünü

BONUS Stone Wool Flexible Alu

BONUS Stone Wool Flexible Alu pipe board is produced in the density of 100 kg/m3 and thickness of 25 mm with the size of 950 mm x 8400 mm. This aluminum foil-coated stone wool plate is used in thermal insulation of chimneys and high-temperature industrial pipes.

Areas of Use:

Thanks to its aluminum foil coating, channeled structure and custom size (determined by analyzing the area of use), it is applicable in chimneys and high-temperature industrial pipes with any radius in 100-300 mm range.

Product Type Depth Density Thermal conductivity coefficient Width x Height Thickness Class Compressive Strength Normal Tensile Strength
mm kg/m3 oC W/mK mm x mm kPa kPa
FLEXIBLE ALU 25 100 50 0,040 950 x 8400 T5 Not Sought Not Sought
100 0,050
150 0,058
200 0,061
250 0,082
300 0,095
350 0,117

BONUS Stone Wool Flexible Boru LevhasıBONUS Stone Wool Flexible Boru Levhası-5cm