Bonus Stone Wool

BONUS Taş Yünü

Bonus Stone Wool Decibel

Bonus Stone Wool Desibel is produced as a composite with 110kg/m3 density with a plaster board on one side and an aluminum foil in the middle. This stone wool plate provides perfect thermal insulation, acoustic performance and fire resistance. Bonus Stone Wool Decibel removes any thermal and sound bridge by insulating concrete surfaces such as the curtain walls in addition to the surfaces created by wall elements. It can easily be used on all structures regardless of being newly built or renovated. .

Areas of Use:

Used for interior surfaces of exterior walls, interior partitions and adjacent walls, the walls adjacent to the stairwells and elevator shafts as well as interior coatings of wood frame structures.

Product Type Depth Density Thermal conductivity coefficient Width x Height Thickness Class Compressive Strength Normal Tensile Strength
mm kg/m³ W/mK mm x mm kPa kPa
DESIBEL 30, 50, 80 110 0,036 1200 X 2700 T5 Not Sought Not Sought

Bonus Stone Wool - Decibel TDS