Bonus Stone Wool

BONUS Taş Yünü

Bonus Premium R

Premium R and Premium R 150 series are produced as terrace roof boards; they can fulfill all types of needs regarding thermal and acoustic insulation and fire safety and can be applied on all types of roofs. Since they can also be produced thin, they can be used as two coats, if required.

Areas of Use:

As they can be used on metal and wood roofs with any slope, they can also be applied on trafficable or non-trafficable terrace roofs.

Product Type Depth Width x Height Thermal conductivity coefficient * Thickness Class Compressive Strength Normal Tensile Strength
mm mm x mm W/mK kPa kPa
PREMIUM R 30 - 120 600 X 1200 0,037 T5 ≥ 35 Not Sought
PREMIUM R 150 0,038 T5 ≥ 50

Bonus Stone Wool - Premium R CS 35 TDSBonus Stone Wool - Premium R 150 TDS