Bonus Stone Wool

Production Technology and Standard | Bonus Stone Wool

Production Technology and Standard | Bonus Stone Wool

In the Bonus Stone Wool production method, raw materials carried from the stock area to dosing units by the moving band system are subjected to a special filtration process in this unit and are reduced to the grain size that will yield the best quality in the final product. Then they are carried from this unit to the cupola unit.

Since the final quality of the raw material is important both in terms of content and physical properties, a high difference in particle size can disrupt the flow of raw material. In this case, the final product quality is affected. Therefore, these problems are minimized through continuous raw material controls.

Raw materials that are filtered and mixed at certain rates are heated up to the melting temperature (1350 - 1500 °C) within the cupola. The raw material mixture in melted form flows through the flow channel in the central part of the cupola, over the spinner disks spinning at high spin/min. ratios. In this unit, the melted raw material which has gained fiber form due to the centrifugal force from the disks is processed with thermoset polymer binders and water. Stone wool fibers that are processed with binders at varying rates according to the type of the product are carried to the curing oven with the assistance of the band moving at speeds adjusted according to the intensity of the final product.

Since the ultimate quality of the stone wool is directly related to the structure and bonding forms of the fibers, all additive dosages are monitored by a separate system based on optimized values. A special feedback system is included in the process and waste carbon monoxide gases are used as fuel during production. This contributes to achieving of the “a greener environment” target as per the ISO 14001 Environment Management System.

A curing oven of approximately 30 meters, in which the fiber and the applied binder react and the product gains its final form, ensures that the desired performance is obtained from the final product. The whole system is monitored digitally and it is ensured that the production conditions and the final product are in the desired conditions in each part of the process.

Products which have their curing process completed and are brought to standard sizes are transferred to the packaging unit via conveyor bands. Before this transfer, compliance of the packaged products with the desired standard values is supervised through the visual control system and intermediate quality measures on the line. The conveyor system designed for plate products produced in special dimensions allows the transfer of products to the packaging unit without being touched and damaged.

Packaging is designed to provide easy storage and transportation for each product group. Packaged samples taken periodically in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System within the packaging line are subjected to necessary tests in quality laboratories.

Bonus Stone Wool, which has a saturated structure and is obtained at the end of special procedures applied to all layers of its fibrous structure, prevents humidity from being absorbed in the building thanks to its steam permeability, while acting as a good water repellent. Buildings insulated with Bonus Stone Wool become healthier and more comfortable. Thanks to its dimensional stability, Bonus Stone Wool is not affected by temperature changes. Its long fiber structure allows obtaining a product with smooth edges and surfaces during cutting and lamination.

  • The high amount of hot, unburned air that is released during the melting of the raw material is used again in the production process through feedback, which reduces the quantity of energy required.
  • The impurities accumulated in the melting oven are separated by a special technology. This advanced technology preferred during the process minimizes the chutes (non-fiber stones), while also allowing the maximization of product quality.
  • Thanks to its long fiber structure produced through advanced production technology, Bonus Stone Wool provides perfect heat insulation with a low thermal conductivity value, by enabling better dispersion of the air trapped inside of it and its separation from external conditions. It creates a peaceful and healthy area of living by absorbing noise and vibration.
  • Almost 70% of the energy currently used in the world is derived from fossil fuels and 40% of the total energy is used within buildings and houses. Providing up to 50% energy saving and reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere, Bonus Stone Wool provides significant contributions financially, while assisting the prevention of global warming. Stone wool keeps cold and hot weather outside houses, offices and industrial facilities, with perfect thermal protection.
  • With its resistance to temperatures above 1000 °C, it provides complete fire safety in structure as a fully fireproof material of A1 class by its standard. Mattress and plate type products are manufactured in accordance with TS 901-1 EN 13162 Standard.
  • Bonus Stone Wool is produced in the form of mattress, plate, pipe and cast with various coating materials, in different sizes, densities and technical properties depending on its area and purpose of use. The intensity of the stone wool produced in the process, as well as the direction of fibers and the preferred binder resin type give Wooler its superior mechanical properties.
  • Products in the Bonus Stone Wool Plus series are produced in vacuum packs. This provides up to 30% transportation advantage by volume and less storage, display and shelf space in low density products.
  • In Bonus Stone Wool products, weighted sound absorption coefficient has been calculated as αw = 0,95 according to TS EN ISO 11654 standard. This value ensures perfect sound absorption within the product.