Bonus Shingle

Production Technology and Standards

Bonus Shingle, fiberglass mattress is covered with oxidized bitumen. Thus, it is perfectly resists water without being affected by temperature changes for many years without deterioration. Colorfast and colorful granules that protect the bitumen from UV rays constitute the uppermost layer. These granules are colored via ceramic coating procedure under high temperatures. Silica sand layer prevents shingle sheets from being stuck onto each other while ensuring that they are carried more safely.

Bonus Shingle has many advantages thanks to the naturalness of the Venezuelan bitumen used in SHINGLE. It has much longer life than its competitors thanks to its stronger resistance against changing air temperatures during the day, high water impermeability and UV resistance.

Eryap Group offers Bonus Shingle, branded roofing materials with advanced technology, which are safe, long-lasting and provide 100% solution, to the construction sector. Following all kinds of developments on the national and international markets, Eryap Group meets demands by including the Shingle products of the world brand Tegola company of Italy in its product range, in order to instantaneously offer these innovations to its customers.