Bonus Shingle

Application Details

  • Rafter gaps require wooden or steel construction with 61 cm gaps.
  • OSB wooden building panels are randomly nailed unto the rafters starting from the eaves.
  • Edgings are nailed around the whole roof after the OSC furnishing is complete.
  • The Bonus XPS heat insulation plates and moisture barriers are spread over the entire roof.
  • Edgings of the side eaves are nailed.
  • A row of Bonus Shingle starter strip is nailed to the front eaves.
  • Bonus Shingle sheets are laid out randomly from the edging to the ridge.
  • At least four nails are struck to each Shingle sheet.
  • The ventilation element for the ridge is identified.
  • The ridge element which is prepared by being cut from the Shingle itself is nailed over the ventilation element in the opposite direction of prevailing winds.