Bonus Shingle

Bonus Shingle

Bonus Shingle

Bonus Shingle is a waterproofing material used for roofing on inclined roofs. Designed by taking all kinds of details into account and produced by advanced technology, Bonus Shingle products are suitable for all tastes, budgets and details. It offers you a living space where you can live safely for all your life.

Bonus Shingle Product Catalog

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Bonus Shingle gives a beautiful appearance to steep and inclined roofs, while offering perfect solutions suitable for every taste and budget with its design, various color alternatives and patterns.


Bonus Shingle roofing materials offer savings in transportation, warehousing, detailing, etc. costs, while also eliminating the surplus costs explained below over the years.

  • Compared to tiles, it is lighter and does not need a costly scaffolding.
  • Extra materials creating costs for ridge and gutter details are not necessary.
  • Chimney and baseboard insulation is much easier and less costly.
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs as it provides efficient heat insulation.
  • Does not require extra repair and maintenance.


Applied seamlessly and quickly over a properly constructed scaffold. Does not require repair and maintenance. Offers faster and less costly solutions for repair needs. Light and easy to transport and be carried to the roof as it is offered in packages. No special area for stocking is necessary.

Long Lasting

Your only solution to avoid roof-related problems: Bonus Shingle. In a properly applied roof, it fulfills its function throughout its life. It continues protecting your roof, your home and peace even after years.


You can use Bonus Shingle branded roofing as a reliable building element against the destructive and adverse natural conditions. It is resistant to abrasive weather conditions, difficult climate conditions and all kinds of geographical difficulties. It is not affected by natural conditions and loses nothing from its performance over time.