Bonus Membrane

Production Technology and Standards | Bonus Membrane

Production Technology and Standards | Bonus Membrane

Bonus Membrane is a polymer based bituminous waterproofing coating produced by combining bearing reinforcements and bitumen modified. Polyester felt or fiberglass is used as bearings in bituminous coatings. Bearings are used to increase the mechanical resistance of bituminous waterproofing coatings against the structural movements and the loads they are exposed to. Bitumen modified with polymers gains its ultimate properties using polyester felt or fiberglass bearings with different tensile, breakage and tear strengths. An important advantage of bituminous membranes that distinguishes them from other waterproofing materials is that they provide ease of application and use in many different details and are suitable for different climate conditions, in direct proportion with bearings’ properties.

Bonus Membrane contains engineering polymers that require high temperature equipment to strengthen its structure. To improve the physical and chemical properties of the bitumen, polymer additive materials -styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) or atactic polypropylene (APP)- are used. In Eryap Group’s membrane production process, bitumen is modified with polymers by controlling all parameters on process control panels in batch reactors. The formulation is created by controlling all the raw materials that are used in the modification of the bitumen, which is the basic stage that gives the membrane its waterproofing property, via a computer aided process weighing system. Before transferring the to CSTR reactor in the production process, all chemical analyses of the modified bitumen mixture are conducted in quality control laboratories within the group. Mixtures that are approved are sent to the main production unit via the fully automated transfer unit. All productivity and final product parameters are constantly monitored under computer control in the main production unit.

In Eryap Group’s membrane production facilities, process and quality control processes have been established and all data are recorded. Furthermore, the traceability of products can be ensured with the assistance of the automatic time-adjusted labeling system.

The Group can respond to customer expectations and all kinds of special product demands thanks to its R&D and product development infrastructure. New product and alternative formulation studies are carried out continuously in the R&D department. Products developed as a result of these studies are launched in the market.

The Bonus Membrane slate products used in roof coatings are approved by accredited laboratories and have Broof test reports fulfilling all requirements of external fire performance features. They fulfill the requirement that roof coatings must be made from Broof class materials and the surface or insulation under roof coatings must be made from the least inflammable materials, according to the “regulation on the protection of buildings from fire”.

Eryap Group, which aims to use power sources with ultimate efficiency at its production cycle, contributes significantly to power saving with its products, and supports the sustainable development of Turkey and the world. In this respect, the Group closely follows all platforms and legislations for protecting the environment.

BONUS Membranes are produced based on factory production control procedures (FPC), in accordance with the standards TS EN 13707 “Flexible plates for waterproofing - Reinforced bituminous plates used in waterproofing on roofs - Definitions and properties", TS EN 13969 "Flexible plates for waterproofing - Bituminous damp insulation plates, including plates used for storage purposes in Basement Floors - Definitions and Properties" and TS 11758-1 "Polymer bituminous coatings - For waterproofing - Used by combining with fusion welding - Part 1: Properties". In addition, it has CE certificate and TSE certificate issued based on test reports certified by accredited laboratories within the scope of this standard.

The product provides ideal waterproofing with its quality supervised according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards in all processes from production to sales.

Bonus Membrane fulfills all the requirements of being a nationally and internationally registered brand, and took its well-deserved place in the international market with its CE certificate. BONUS Membrane products that are being exported to various countries of the world also have EN certification indicating compliance to EU norms.