Bonus Membrane

BONUS Membran

Bonus Membrane Primer

Bonus Membrane Water Based Bituminous Emulsion Primer is a ready-made membrane and insulation primer obtained by mixing water and bitumen using special methods. After its water is vaporized it creates a waterproof film layer on the applied surface. Thanks to its excellent adhesive properties it allows the bitumen membranes applied on top of it to adhere very strongly. It is applied as a primer on screed when applying parquet with hot bitumen. It is applied on the construction molds to obtain a smooth surface and make them easy to dismantle. It prevents the water of the concrete to affect the molds.


Bonus Membrane Primer should be applied cold. It is mixed with 20% water and then applied with grass brush and roller. It dries approximately in 4-5 hours depending on the weather conditions. It should not be applied in rainy conditions and temperatures lower then +5˚C. Do not apply the second coat before the first coat dries completely.

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Membrane Primer 15